Dr Phillips performs acupuncture in the management of back pain, spinal and nerve injuries, osteo-arthritis and epilepsy. Initial treatment sometimes requires needles, but most treatments here are done with laser. It is non-invasive & not painful. All animals tolerate it well and the results are usually very encouraging. Successful acupuncture management usually entails a course of 4 or 5 treatments initially and then a longer term continued management program to follow on with.

One of the very big positives for Animal Acupuncture is that it can be used alongside any other therapy or medication with no adverse interactions to worry about. We can discuss an appropriate acupuncture program when you have your consultation.

It is an ancient form of therapy that Western medicine can't really explain. Keith uses it because he is happy that it works, and has been doing so since his first course in 1987. We never discourage anybody from pursuing spinal surgery for their dog, but for many people who find that option too costly, we are very happy that we have managed to help a great number of dogs recover from what would otherwise have been a life ending injury.