Equine Advanced Dentistry


Keith has been performing Advanced Equine Dentistry with appropriate power tools for the past 10 years. Prior to that, like many practitioners of his era, Keith had been performing dentistry for horses with hand dentistry tools. The reason Keith changed is simple. From the moment he saw someone use power tools to rehabilitate a mouth properly, reduce overgrown dominant teeth, reduce hooks and ramps and provide a comfortable "bit seat", he felt that continuing to use hand tools would have been to do half a job. Accordingly, Keith hasn't done Equine Dentistry without power tools since that day.

The difference in what can be achieved is extreme, and he is often performing dentistry on horses who have had regular attention from a "dentist" using hand tools, only to find some very nasty spikes at the back of the mouth that simply can't be managed without sedation and a proper grinding instrument. By restoring the balance to a horse's mouth we give him the best chance to make good use of his food, hold his weight, and have his best chance at a long, productive, painfree life.