Equine Services

We are able to provide a full range of Equine Veterinary Services, at home visits or at our large animal facility.

Consultations- A complete and thorough clinical examination is the place to start for any medical problem, and we usually do that at your place, but you are certainly welcome to bring your horse in.

 Lameness examinations- these can be done anywhere flat with firm footing. It usually requires someone to run the horse out so let us know if you are injured and can't run so we can bring a nurse with us.

Pre-purchase examinations- again this exam can be performed anywhere firm & flat. And even more important is the need to have someone who can run out with the horse. Repeatedly. You will be given a certificate of the examination findings.

Ultrasound-  for prgenancy examinations . We require power, shade & a crush to perform this safely for both the vet & the horse. If you don't have those at your place, it's best you bring her to ours.

                 - for tendon injuries just power & shade so that should be fine at your place.

Radiography- our digital xray unit allows us to take the xrays at your place and see them straight away so that we can dicsuss management options instantly. Again we just need a level space with power and shade.

Endoscopy- our fibreoptic scope allows us to visualise the upper airway of your horse to examine for respiratory problems and examine the source of any discharge such as blood.

Dentistry- regular dental care is an essential part of your horse's health management.

Vaccinations- Tetanus, Strangles & Hendra are all vaccines that we recommend.