Farm Visits

Our Veterinarians are prepared and equipped for farm visits for a variety of animals. Horses, Cows, Alpaca, Goats, Sheep & even Pigs often need to be treated at the farm. We can get to most areas most days & of course can always respond in an emergency, any time, every day.

Routine herd management is part of what we do and we can organise a vaccination and worming program for your animals, and assist you to implement that. How involved the level of medicine and surgery you choose for your livestock is entirely up to you. Some owners are wanting to do everything possible for their sick farm animals and we have done surgery on just about every type of farm animal. We have also done blood transfusions on cattle, goats and alpaca when needed.

Caesarians on cows are our most involved regular farm surgery, but we also have to operate on eyes from time to time, and the occasional lump or tumour that needs to come off. We have done reconstructive wound management on some and have even had a couple of goats in casts for broken legs.

Whatever the problem, we are sure we can help