Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell therapy is the newest therapy available for the management of OsteoArthritis in dogs and horses. We are very excited to be involved in such cutting edge technologies and have been utilising this therapy since we opened in 2011. We have helped a number of dogs cope better with their arthritis. The improvements in their lameness and general wellbeing is always very rewarding for us.

The process involves a day for xrays, and then a second day where we harvest some fat tissue from their abdomen, process it here and then inject the laser activated Stem Cells from that tissue back into the specific joints we are trying to help.

There is a small belly wound to keep clean and dry for 1o days after, but other than that there is no required aftercare. The dogs typically start to look better over the first 2 weeks, better again by 6 weeks and continue improving out to 6 months. The expectation is that the improvement should last for about 3 years after which it is certainly OK to repeat the procedure if needed.

The first step is to book in for a consultation and we can discuss the process with you more fully.